We supply genuine spare parts for all Rose, Forgrove and A.M.P Rose confectionery and chocolate machines, as well as parts for many other makes of machines, including size-change parts, replacement knives, cams, gears and the like.
We also have skilled, experienced Service Engineers available for the installation and commissioning of confectionery packaging and processing machines, whether it is in England or abroad.

The Company employs over 100 skilled personnel in a modern and well-equipped manufacturing facility, which houses the following facilities;

  • Sales, administration, accounts, export and shipping office
  • 2D and 3D CAD/CAM facility including solid modelling and advanced machine design software
  • Purchasing and planning departments using modern manufacturing software
  • Component manufacturing using conventional and CNC machine tools
  • Spray painting and component finishing facilities
  • Spare parts and after-sales service departments
  • Machine assembly departments for both processing and packaging machines
  • Crate manufacturing, packing and dispatch departments

Size Change Parts

A.M.P Rose regularly supplies size and style change sets for many different types of confectionery and chocolate wrapping machines. Such machines include:

  • Rose Theegarten: U1 / U1-EFC / U1-F1 / FWT / A2-DB / A3
  • Autowrapper: SUPER 2000
  • Carle & Montanari: CMY 55 / CMY 800 / CMY 871
  • All Rose & Forgrove chocolate and candy wrapping machines

Spare Parts

We also supply spare parts such as replacement cams, gears, paper knives and general running spares for all
of the above mentioned machinery, as well as;

  • Forming dies and cams for Uniplast 160 A/B/C/D, Euromec, Strada, Baby/Super Rostoplast, 85A Super Robust, Aquarius RLM2 and RLM3 etc
  • Cooking coils and bowls for Ter Braak TBK 750/1300, Hamac 145A and 155 and Solvomat
  • Replacement conical rollers and sizing rollers for Hamac, Rose, Guiseley, Euromec Batch Rollers/Rope Sizers
  • Wire / plastic belts for Hamac/Guiseley/Euromec/Klockner cooling tunnels
  • Plastic belts for DT&G belt type chocolate coaters


Have a machine that you are not getting the most out of? Has new health and standards made your machine unsafe? Don’t want to spend money on a new machine but want to get more out of your current machine? This is where A.M.P Rose can help.

For many years we have been upgrading and retrofitting parts to existing machinery, whether it is a relatively new machine or many decades old it is still possible to upgrade and retrofit parts to the machine. This can take the form of an on-site improvement such as a change of format on a machine or design improvement to increase machine efficiency, or may also be a complete machine renovation or re-design conducted at our factory.

Upgrading and retrofitting can be done on many different brands of machines

Typical Improvements:
  • Supply or upgrade machine guards
  • Upgrade electrics and retrofitting with PLC’s and easy to use ‘man-machine interface units’
  • Replacing mechanical units with Servo, or other type of drivers. This can take the form of replacing mechanical paper feeding units on wrapping machines with servo driven paper feeds, giving more accuracy and control.
  • Retrofitting splicing units
  • Date coders
  • Glue units
  • Adding tear tapes to wrapping machines


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There are a number of options on how spare parts can be delivered: we can manufacture the spare parts and send them to you for you to fit yourself. We can have the spare parts sent along with one of our experienced engineers to fit the new spare parts to your machine. Or you can send your machine to us for us to fit and test the new spare parts at our factory.

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