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The Autowrapper S2000 rollwrapper is the conventional way to package multiple small round, square, oval and rectangular products with a fold finish. We have multiple machines in stock that we can supply ‘as is’ ‘Good Running Order’ or in ‘Rebuilt’ condition.

Technical Data


  • Up to 150 packs/min

Size Range

Pack Diameter:     12 – 29mm
Pack Length:         20 – 165mm
Minimum tablet thickness:     3mm

The Autowrapper S2000 roll wrapping machine is the conventional way to package multiple small round, square, oval and rectangular products. The pack combines good barrier protection with a convenient and efficient method of carrying and dispensing individual products when required.

There are two options for a fold rollwrapper, it can be a single wrap or double wrap with an outer band.

For single overall wrap you would typically use foil or foil laminates from the reel. End folds can be 4 – 6 pleat, depending on the diameter of the product. The unsealed seam is held in place by the outer label.

Double wrap has an outer label that is taken from the reel, interleaved with the inner wrap and the seam is sealed with either hot, cold or heat activated glue. For the inner wrap the same procedure is used for the Single wrap.

The Autowrapper S2000 rollwrapper machine is one of our most popular rebuild jobs, with many repeat orders. For further information please contact us or see what goes into an A.M.P Rose rebuild job.

  • We can supply spares for this machine
  • We can also fully recondition this machine to like new
  • We can supply new size change parts

We can also upgrade your existing machines this can take the form of replacing mechanical paper feeds with Servo-driven paper feeds giving more accuracy. Or if you want to feed your product in a specific colour formation we can upgrade the hopper feeding section of your machine. These are just a couple of things that we can help you with.


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