Rose Forgrove 340 Stickpack Cut and Wrap


The Rose Forgrove 340 cut and wrap stickpack machine takes formed rope of confectionery product and cut, shapes, and wraps individual pieces, it then collates these pieces to form a stick pack in an ‘on edge’ formation.

Other 340 on edge stickpacks are also in stock.

Technical Data

Size Set On

  • Individual piece 18 x 20 x 8mm – 12 in a pack

Size Range

Length       38 – 130mm

Width         16 – 44mm

Height          5 – 10mm

Sweat Packs 2 – 17


  • Up to 600 individual p/m
  • Up to 180 packs/min

Stock Number

  • 328-03-055

The 340 is a medium speed stickpack cut and wrap machine, which has been designed for strength and durability as well as ease of operation and low maintenance. The machine sizes, shapes, cuts to length and wraps toffee, chewy candy, bubble gum or high boiled sugar in end or under fold style. The individually wrapped pieces are then collated into the desired number of pieces and over-wrapped into a ‘stick’, with heat sealed and folded ends.

  • We can also fully recondition RF 340 cut and stick wrap machines to like new
  • We supply spares for RF 340 machines
  • We can also supply new size change parts

Work that goes into an A.M.P Rose rebuilt machine.

Here you can find New A.M.P Rose cut and wrap machines.


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