Retro-Fitting Flexible EPS To Autowrapper S2000

Flexible EPS Tamping Unit

For many years we have been upgrading and retro-fitting parts to existing machinery, whether it is a relatively new machine or many decades old it is still possible to upgrade and retrofit parts to the machine.

This can take the form of an on-site improvement such as a change of format on a machine or design improvement to increase machine efficiency, or may also be a complete machine renovation or re-design conducted at our factory.

A.M.P Rose has developed a Flexible End Press System for tamping the ends of rollwraps, to give the pack a better finish.

The Flexible EPS can be used for cold or hot tamping depending what product is being wrapped. The Flexible EPS can also be adapted to suit flat, concave and convex products.

We have recently retro-fitted this system on to a customers Autowrapper Super 2000 roll wrap machine. You can view the system in action on our rebuilt page for Autowrappers S2000 roll wrap machine.


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