X-Pax Multpack Solutions

A.M.P Rose will present at Interpack (Hall 3/E29) the compact, flexible and Smart Factory ready X-Pax solution. The multi-function unit is designed for flowpacking bars into multipacks and loading directly into shelf ready display cases, a two in one flowpack and case packer.

Following on from the revolutionary feed system A.M.P Rose presented in 2015 on the flowrapping machine, the family owned company, has taken the system a step further.

With customer demands on efficiency and flexibility increasing, they need solutions that can meet these needs.


Industry 4.0 is one of the key factors in helping reach peak efficiency. The X-Pax system can send a stream of data and analysis in real time, as well as show trends over periods of time. This data can be viewed from the HMI on the machine, or sent to a secure server to be viewed on a tablet/mobile/PC device even if it is not located in the factory. Data exports and reports can be produced to aid weekly or monthly KPI reporting.

The data received can be used to find anomaly’s within the production process in real time. An example of this in practice can be; the customer has had their X-Pax machine for 1 week and the data they are receiving is showing a trend where for 20 minutes a day at the same time every day production drops by 50% on the machine. The feedback from the X-Pax is showing that the product is not being received fast enough from the primary wrapping machine, further study shows that the operators change over at this time every day due to a shift change. There are no other factors from the data showing any other irregularity’s as to why production is dropping 50%, from this it can be concluded that the transition process between the operators when changing shifts needs to be improved to increase efficiency during this period.

This is only a small fraction of what can be drawn from the data received from the machine.


Touch button features and quick release mechanisms make for a fast and flexible way to change the collations of the multipack product. Moving from an 8 x 1 to a 4 x 2 collation, for example, would only require a touch button operation for both the feed system to the flowrapper and the robot loading the multipacks into the shelf ready display cases. A quick release change over part on the Xtrax system feeding to the robot makes for a quick and easy collation change.

Unique Layout – Small Footprint

The unique layout of the line has resulted in a very compact system, and due to the design, greater access to the machine has been achieved. The small footprint and easy access provides consideration towards maintenance and a more hygienic working space.

The position of the paper reels and splicer unit will be one of the many characteristics that stands out about the system. It has been turned on its side, it is now vertical, and brought to the operator’s working level allowing for quicker and easier reel and splicing set up’s.

With the position of the reel paper and splicing unit moved away from the flowrapper it results in total access to the folding box, bottom crimp and end crimp.

Access to the electrical cabinets often results with electricians sat on the floor, or trying to squeeze around the back of the machine. A.M.P Rose have simplified this by integrating the electrics into the main frame up-right behind the HMI screen.

Using light curtains on the X-Pax gives operators and engineers clear visual sight of the machine, whilst minimizing any trap points, and of course access to the machine is quicker and easier.


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